the office

behind the scenes...

Behind this creative office is landscape architect Yves Dehondt. A young thirtier passionate by design and a heart for nature.

An excensive research and lectoring past at the university college of VIVES,  brought a profound knowledge on plant scemes, naturalistic gardens and sustainable green infrastructure (as green roofs, urban drainage systems, ...). In the past, he did consultancy for green policy of several cities in Flanders where he drew the roadmap for a long term vision of the urban green develepment. As a result, every design project is reflected in a wider context. 

As certified European Tree Technician and  Zero-pesticide-consultant, every project is unconsiously approached for low-maintenance and with respect for the sensitivity of the excisting landscape. 

The red line through his ambition will always be to design green spots with an higher aim of bold designing, material use and plant composition. He wants to move away from traditional landscaping basing on purely esthetical and functional purposes to a higher purpose of imbedding gardens and public spaces as a solution for problems of climate change or ecological impoverishment. Sustainable design ideas should not only be implemented on large scale projects, but can make a difference on small green stepping stones as gardens, multi-family real-estate  and corporate outdoor spaces. 


Our drive.... green

Due to an unrestrained eagerness for green, we dedicate ourselfs to your project as long as you set the bar high enough!  We rather pass for dull design full of box hedges and pointless minimalistic ideas.

Do you have higher expectations? Call us for a cup of coffee. 

He believes every spot deserves it attention despite budgetary limits. Due to creative concepts, simple materials and keened plant scemes everything is possible regarding the budget. As long you've got an open mind for creativity, (almost) everything is possible... .  Projects as Zero Waste Schoolyard proves that alternative concepts suits any scale of green space.

How can we help you?

Clients with high expectations and an open mind, finds in us the ideal companion from the very first sketch, till the very last construction detail. We make the creative design, the technical detailling, the building permit and do the coordination of the construction site.

Often we're part of a team of architects, civil engineers and project developers. They can rely on a smooth coöperation within the team, fully appoachable for the exterior story.